NYPD Seeks to Reduce Claims of Civil Rights Violations

There are approximately 3,000 lawsuits filed each year against the New York City Police Department claiming violations of civil rights or use of excessive force, especially against minorities. Police Commissioner William J. Bratton has created a new legal unit that will investigate these claims. The 40-member legal unit searches through evidence such as surveillance footage […]

Focus on Gathering Data in Civil Rights Cases Increasing

Recently, more citizens are shooting video footage on their cell phones of police misconduct, showing use of excessive force when police interact with minorities. The police often claim that the use of unprovoked excessive force is an isolated incident caused by a few police officers. Currently, police data on use of excessive force is based […]

How Do My Civil Rights Intersect with Criminal Law?

The criminal justice system aims to be fair and protect citizens’ rights, but sometimes at the cost of violating their civil liberties. The criminal justice system starts with the police­­­—the frontrunners in protecting the accused individual’s rights. These include the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney derived from the 5th Amendment […]

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